Research Domain
Commerce, Industry (various dimensions) & Behavioural Economics.

Projects Completed

  • ‘The New Middle Class: Impact on Growing Indian Economy vis-a-vis Consumer Market - A Case Study of Delhi & NCR’, (2017-19), sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), MHRD, New Delhi (F.No. 02/191/2016-17/ RP).
  • ‘A Study of International Competition in Home-tech Industry in Indian Scenario’, (2011-13), sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Re- search (ICSSR), MHRD, New Delhi (F. No. 02/243/2011/RP).
  • ‘An Analysis of the responsiveness of the Indian Textiles Industry to the MFA Phase out’ (2009-11), sponsored by the UGC F. No. 6-5/2009 (HRP).

Research Supervision
Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) ongoing
‘Impact of welfare policies on socio economic condition of Handloom weavers in India- A case study of western Uttar Pradesh’.

Ph.Ds Awarded

  • ‘Labour Welfare in Indian Railways Since 1991’ - Ms. Roohi Iqbal in 2012;
  • ‘Growth and development of technical textiles in India: A case study of Home-tech Industry’ - Ms. Nazneen Shahid, 2013
  • ‘Impact of Multi-Fibre Agreement phase-out on Textiles Trade between India and European Union (EU)’ - Ms. Sabiha Khatoon, 2014
  • ‘Customer’s perception of E- banking services in Indian Banks: A comparative study of selected public and private banks of NCR’ – Miss Fozia
  • ‘Unethical Practices In Accountancy and Accounting Frauds” – Nahed Habis Hamed Alrawashdeh
  • ‘Financial Analysis of Public And Private Sectors of Textiles Industry in Maharashtra” – Mohammad Parvej
  • ‘Financial Performance Appraisal of CPSE in Maharatna Category: A Case Study of SAIL- Neshat Anjum.
  • ‘An impact of internal auditing on the financial performance of Commercial Banks of Jordan”, - Abdel Karim Salim Issa As Bakour.
  • ‘An appraisal of Accounting Information System in minimising risk in Banking Sector of Jordan” - Aiser Ayed Nahar Albashasbheh.

Ph.Ds Ongoing
  • “An analysis of Financial Performance of Technical Textiles in India: A Study of Selected Firms of Packtech Industry” - Gulfishan Akhtar
  • “Convergence of Indian Accounting Standards with IFRS: A case study of selected public sector undertaking,- Inam Ur Rahman.
  • “Entrepreneurial Cognition of Indian Women : A Policy and Roadmap for Entrepreneurial Education and Development” - Ambreen Saleem.
  • ‘“Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices on Consumer Behaviour: A Study of Banking Sector in Jammu and Kashmir”- Shabbir Hurrah.
  • “Financial Reporting Quality Under Indian GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) And Indian AS (Accounting Standards): An Empirical Evaluation of Indian Textile Companies Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange” - Abdulfatah Abdullah Abdulkareem.
  • Mushahid Ali Shamsi (Under process)
  • Abdullah Shamsi (Under process)